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As I get older, the stress of Crossfit, Orangetheory, and other forms of intense cardio has taken a toll on my body. I have been trying to find a fitness routine that I can not only participate in but one I look forward to. Just when I thought I would be taking “exercise walks” for the rest of my life…..I came across the blessing of Pilates! While it is challenging, it has been far more gentle on my joints than anything else I’ve tried. Now, add in Tara as my Instructor and I am now a lifelong Pilates member! Her brand of teaching includes educating her clients with humor and encouragement, while gently pushing us to do more than we think we can do. Tara has a unique way of making some of the hardest classes enjoyable and the sense of accomplishment afterwards is such a motivating factor that I do not believe that anyone who experiences one of her classes would not agree! Try it, you’ll love it!!!

Kathleen Horsey

“Tara has changed my life for the better! Her guidance and commitment to her passion of Pilates has given me the knowledge and confidence to improve my own physical and mental fitness and strive for more everyday”

Kelli Burba

“I have taken lessons with Tara and always leave knowing I got a good workout . She is great in explaining what we were doing, why we were doing it, and what body parts we were working.  The pace was fast and consistent.  I love all her classes.”

Becky Craven