FREE Introductory Class

Come Inside and enjoy a 30-40 minute complimentary class introducing you to all of our apparatuses. If you have no previous reformer experience, NO PROBLEM, we will guide you through all the safety rules for operating our equipment, and get you started on your Pilates journey. For safety reasons this class is required for you to attend before becoming a member, or attending any other level classes with us.


A dynamic workout that combines strength training and a balanced mind body connection using both our Reformer & Stability Chair. After attending our introductory class this class is your next step! Whether you chose to stay at the “classic” level or progress into our “Advance” level, this class will always provide all the classic movements your body needs, leaving you with a moderate level muscle burn, and the feeling of being stretched out. This low impact work out is sure to give you the lean muscle and body flexibly you’ve always wanted. *Moderate balance is required.



The Advance Flow requires a high level of balance, and a strong mind to body connection. In this dynamic work out we will plank, stand, and use the full potential of the Cadillac & Stability Chair in all the ways we know and love! This low impact, high intensity flow will leave your mind and body with a feeling of great accomplishment. *Previous reformer experience is required. You must call in or speak with your instructor about attending this class.



Leave all your stress at the door and enjoy a full 50 minute stretch class. Here we do very light muscle work to warm up the main muscle groups, but our main focus is balance, and lengthening out your body. Our reformer and stability chair really assist with taking regular stretches to the next level giving you deep relief. Whether you are in an office all day sitting in a chair, or working hard from home, come in and leave completely centered, refreshed, and stretched!



Our Cardio class is preformed at a much faster pace than our regular Flow classes, therefore previous reformer experience is required. Aerobic pilates elevates the heart rate and challenges our muscles leading to a greater calorie burn. Unlike other outside cardio classes that are hard on the knees and ankles, our cardio class allows you to lay down while jumping, relieving the pressure off of your joints. This class allows you to receive all the same benefits as you would in high impact standing aerobic class. The jump-board is a reformer accessory that is placed securely by the foot bar and held in place by screws, this is the base piece that allows us to jump. This class is high intensity but low impact and puts more focus on weight training. If cardio is not already part of your fitness routine this class is highly recommended to promote a healthy heart.


Chapin Tower Classes

Chapin location occasionally we transform our reformers into their cadillac form and offer Tower classes exclusively. The Tower includes arm and leg springs, pull/push-through bars, and roll-down bars to provide a full-body workout. Our Cadillacs transformed into their Tower form has many benefits, the metal framing fully surrounds the stable service, allowing the legs, arms, and torso to work directly with the springs, providing an unparalleled stretch, and a very effective full body work out!