Tara Zigdon

Senior Instructor


Tara Zigdon

(certified instructor) 

Tara has been involved in the Columbia, SC Pilates community for the past 4 years, but her pilates journey began 10 years ago while she resided in Miami, FL. She has been involved in athletics since the age of three and went on to attend West Virginia University to play basketball at the college level. More recently, as a fully certified Pilates instructor, she’s worked with hundreds of clients in the local area helping them attain their fitness goals. Tara has recently been accepted to attended the University of South Carolina where she wants to pursue becoming a doctor of Physical Therapy.

 “I believe that pilates can benefit all ages and all body types, the method and equipment are a true gem to the fitness community. I love connecting with my clients and its my pleasure to help them maximize their flexibility while also assisting with their muscle strength. ”  – Tara

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